DIY Rocket Stove for Camping

DIY Rocket Stove for Camping

John Fischer packs his portable rocket stove every time he hits the trails outside of the German city of Stuttgart. By designing a detachable feeding tube, combustion chamber, and grill grid, he produced a rocket camp stove that packs down just like his tent.

Materials: Large pressurized canister; 4 pieces of scrap metal for supply shaft; insert tray; 2 metal legs; 2 nuts, washers, and bolts; bolt with pointed head; short cable.

• Empty a pressurized canister completely and measure its length and diameter.

• Fashion a square supply shaft from scrap metal so the elbow “crook” allows for 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch on either side, and so the shaft is approximately 1/4 of the canister’s overall length.

• Cut off the canister’s top, and cut a hole the size of your wood supply shaft in the side.

• Fashion a supply-shaft insert, such as a cut HVAC vent cover or grilling tray, and place it into the vent at the bottom of the shaft to allow unobstructed airflow.

• Use nuts and bolts to fasten 2 support legs to the supply shaft’s end to create a slight feed angle and to correct for uneven terrain.

• Weld a long bolt with a pointed head to the bottom of the tank for added stability.

• Form the grill grate by notching 2 pieces of angle iron to fit together at a 90-degree angle.

• Cut the bottom corners of the grate to seat it within the combustion chamber.

• Paint the entire stove with high-heat paint.

• For additional stability, add a notch to the top of the feeding tube and to the corresponding side of the combustion chamber. Measure a short cable to cross that gap and secure with crimped cable ends.”