Fascist psychopaths at Susan Wojcicki’s Cult-owned YouTube censoring highly qualified doctors when they question the health consequences of the ‘Covid vaccine’. Wojcicki must have a date with Nuremberg along with Zuckerberg and the other psychopaths of Silicon Valley – they are absolutely complicit in the deaths and serious effects of the ‘vaccines’ – David Icke


Amazon cancels bestselling book ‘When Harry Became Sally’ that challenged trans movement: Bookseller says it is purging books that ‘frame transgender identity as a mental illness’ – No, Amazon is just purging books, end of story, and you’ve seen nothing yet – David Icke


I said they would be coming for you – ‘Left wing’ or ‘Right wing’ if you challenge the Cult agenda in any way they’re after you: Facebook shuts down major left-wing group in Britain and many others – as always the ‘revolution’ eventually swallows its own ‘children’ when they have served their purpose – David Icke