‘Space Shuttle’ Cookstove

‘Space Shuttle’ Cookstove

With little more than a welder and some scrap metal, Muhammet Sel fashioned a handsome rocket stove in Turkey. He’s dubbed the finished project the “Space Shuttle” because of its color, but also because of its impressive heat production. The design of this wood burning cookstove incorporates a 1-inch insulation sleeve, which Sel fills with soil.

Materials: 60-inch-long, 4-by-4-inch pipe; 29-by-4-inch, 16-gauge sheet metal.

• Cut a length of 4-by-4-inch square pipe into 2 equal sections at a 45-degree angle. One of these will serve as the supply shaft and the other as the combustion chamber.

• Cut a flat shelf for the supply shaft that runs along the pipe’s length to the short side of the angle.

• Weld the shelf to the supply shaft to partition off approximately 1/4 of the pipe for airflow.

• Weld the supply shaft to the combustion chamber to form a 90-degree angle.

• Attach a bottom plate that extends 1 to 2 inches beyond the combustion tube’s sides.

• Cut a front plate to fit around the supply shaft, and attach.

• Cut a back plate and 2 side plates that will fully enclose the combustion chamber. Attach.

• Fill the insulation area between the combustion chamber and the plates with soil or sand.

• Cut a top that encloses the insulation space, but leaves the combustion chamber clear.

• Smooth all of your welds with an angle grinder.

• Attach 3 or 4 solid bars with flat tops for cooking support. These bars should allow enough airflow beneath the cooking surface to maintain the draft.

• Apply a coat of high-heat paint.


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