Cinder Block Rocket Stove

Cinder Block Rocket Stove

Colleen Codekas’ take on the straightforward cinder block stove includes a sturdy foundation that would be at home in any backyard, fishing spot, or campsite. To cook on this utilitarian design, load wood into the vertical block’s top core (opening) and cook on the front core of the horizontal block.

Materials: 4 concrete pavers; 2 cinder blocks; brick; grill grate.

• Arrange 2 concrete pavers into a “T” to form the base of your stove.

• Lay 1 cinder block horizontally and stand another, vertically, on the pavers. Stand a brick on-end on top of the horizontal cinder block’s midsection. Square the joint.

• Stand 2 pavers on their edges on top of the base cinder block’s sidewalls. This should form an “H” when viewed from above (photo at far left).

• Top the “H” with the final cinder block (photo at near left).

• Place a grill grate across the top.

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