1-Hour British Brick Stove

1-Hour British Brick Stove

Ravi Deo spent about an hour building this sturdy rocket stove in his suburban London backyard, but only because he wanted it completely level. If you’re not as particular, you could be grilling in a half-hour. This permanent setup is sure to be a hit at backyard cookouts.

Materials: Concrete paving slab; bricks; metal lath; grill or oven grate.

• Set a concrete paving slab (17 inches on each side or larger) so that the top is at ground level.

• Arrange bricks in a horseshoe shape on the slab, and lay metal lath on top.

• Add a second horseshoe layer, sandwiching the edges of the lath between the layers.

• Add a four-sided layer of bricks on top of the second horseshoe for the chimney base.

• Continue to add layers, alternating seams, to build the chimney to full height.

• Lay an old grill or oven grate on top.


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