Must read book Wayang-“It is based on a real life quest to understand the concept of Mind Control”

It’s common knowledge that the concentration camps of WW2 Java were used for experimentation. If so, then who knows what these Human Experiments consisted of, exactly? Some researchers claim that Mind Control experimentation was being carried out and that these techniques are covertly being applied on a mass scale, today, enslaving us in such a way that barbed wire is no longer necessary, under the guise of the popular moniker; MKUltra.What is MKUltra? Part survivor story, part research investigation, Wayang can perhaps be described as an Investigative Journey of Discovery into these dark matters. It is based on a real life quest to understand the concept of Mind Control, to learn where it comes from, how it works, how to sort through lies and misinformation so as to decide whether or not these theories ought to be dismissed, or whether these things could in fact be carried out, covertly, controlling our lives in plain view, today.

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