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Peer-Reviewed Study ‘Did Not Find Evidence’ Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping ‘Covid’ Spread – it’s very difficult for lockdowns to stop the spread of something that doesn’t exist except through the illusion of manipulated figures and if you want it to disappear then stop getting tested with a test not testing for the ‘virus’ because you can’t test for something that doesn’t exist and with the PCR test even if it did – David Icke

Message from the Land of the Bewildered – Leicester mayor (like all the rest) telling you that lockdowns don’t work because ‘cases are still rising’ (it’s the fake test, mate, jeeez) and that the saviour is the fake vaccine which isn’t a vaccine and isn’t even claimed to stop ‘transmission’. Pinch me it can’t be true. Ouch! Shit, it is – David Icke